Listen To Venezuela in Hackney

Listen To Venezuela screened in Hackney, London on Friday 18th June at 195 Mare St E8 3QE. The venue was a very thriving squat/community centre. After the film we chatted with a few people – on our way out, rather mysteriously, a whole series of notices had been pinned to walls and doors denouncing the film and the filmmakers as peddling propaganda and the Chavez government as a violent and repressive one! They must be getting confused with the pre-Chavez governments who routinely repressed and assassinated opponents – but since they were poor people, they don’t really count, right? Amazing that the anti-Chavistas have such influence and can penetrate even an anarchist squat. Impressive too – although their grasp of the facts is less so. Just for their information, we have not received a penny from the Bolivarian government in the making of the film. They have not even bought a single copy from us!

Thanks to IndyMedia London for organising this.