Star & Shadow – Newcastle

Listen To Venezuela screened at the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle on Thursday July 29th. The cinema is entirely run by dedicated volunteers. Around 17 people turned up for the screening and most stayed for a really interesting post-screening discussion. We sold a few copies of the film and donated the proceeds to the cinema which is currently raising funds to have a stage lift fitted so that the recently acquired organ can ascend during screenings of silent films. Thanks to Yoram for arranging to screen our film.

Listen To Venezuela in Hackney

Listen To Venezuela screened in Hackney, London on Friday 18th June at 195 Mare St E8 3QE. The venue was a very thriving squat/community centre. After the film we chatted with a few people – on our way out, rather mysteriously, a whole series of notices had been pinned to walls and doors denouncing the film and the filmmakers as peddling propaganda and the Chavez government as a violent and repressive one! They must be getting confused with the pre-Chavez governments who routinely repressed and assassinated opponents – but since they were poor people, they don’t really count, right? Amazing that the anti-Chavistas have such influence and can penetrate even an anarchist squat. Impressive too – although their grasp of the facts is less so. Just for their information, we have not received a penny from the Bolivarian government in the making of the film. They have not even bought a single copy from us!

Thanks to IndyMedia London for organising this.

At the Cork Short Film Festival

We cut a short 10 minute film from Listen To Venezuela called ‘Dreamer Boys, A Story From Venezuela’ which is showing at the Corona Short Film Festival in Cork on Saturday 29th May between 7.30-9pm. See