Listen To Venezuela in Ireland

Listen To Venezuela screened in Galway on Tuesday 23rd March. Thanks to Niall for organising it. Around 40 people turned up and there was a very good post-screening discussion afterwards. Anti-Chavista Venezuelans were there too, making it quite lively – one walking out of the discussion accusing us of being in the pay of the Bolivarian government. Another one deployed the usual black propaganda technique of throwing out so many lies in the hope that some might stick. The rest of the audience were very appreciative – describing the film as ‘very dialectical’ and ‘inspiring’. This was good to hear in the same week when one sympathetic critic described the film as ‘dull’, ‘didactic’ out of date and ‘earnest’. Just shows you that some critics know nada.

Listen To Venezuela then screened at Connolly Books, Dublin, in the fantastic theatre they have there in the back. Around 55 people turned up – the response to the film was incredibly positive. There was another interesting debate after the film and it looks as though these screenings will lead to more showings in Ireland in the near future. Thanks to Robert for organising this tour.