Listen To Venezuela in Hackney

Listen To Venezuela screened in Hackney, London on Friday 18th June at 195 Mare St E8 3QE. The venue was a very thriving squat/community centre. After the film we chatted with a few people – on our way out, rather mysteriously, a whole series of notices had been pinned to walls and doors denouncing the film and the filmmakers as peddling propaganda and the Chavez government as a violent and repressive one! They must be getting confused with the pre-Chavez governments who routinely repressed and assassinated opponents – but since they were poor people, they don’t really count, right? Amazing that the anti-Chavistas have such influence and can penetrate even an anarchist squat. Impressive too – although their grasp of the facts is less so. Just for their information, we have not received a penny from the Bolivarian government in the making of the film. They have not even bought a single copy from us!

Thanks to IndyMedia London for organising this.

At the Cork Short Film Festival

We cut a short 10 minute film from Listen To Venezuela called ‘Dreamer Boys, A Story From Venezuela’ which is showing at the Corona Short Film Festival in Cork on Saturday 29th May between 7.30-9pm. See

Screening at Cinephilia West

Listen To Venezuela screened at Cinephilia West on Tuesday April 13th at 7pm. On the anniversary off the defeat of the attempted coup back in 2002 we screened the film at Cinephilia – what a venue it is too! Around 14 people turned up and we had a very interesting discussion afterwards. Thanks to Yoram for organising the event.

Listen To Venezuela in Ireland

Listen To Venezuela screened in Galway on Tuesday 23rd March. Thanks to Niall for organising it. Around 40 people turned up and there was a very good post-screening discussion afterwards. Anti-Chavista Venezuelans were there too, making it quite lively – one walking out of the discussion accusing us of being in the pay of the Bolivarian government. Another one deployed the usual black propaganda technique of throwing out so many lies in the hope that some might stick. The rest of the audience were very appreciative – describing the film as ‘very dialectical’ and ‘inspiring’. This was good to hear in the same week when one sympathetic critic described the film as ‘dull’, ‘didactic’ out of date and ‘earnest’. Just shows you that some critics know nada.

Listen To Venezuela then screened at Connolly Books, Dublin, in the fantastic theatre they have there in the back. Around 55 people turned up – the response to the film was incredibly positive. There was another interesting debate after the film and it looks as though these screenings will lead to more showings in Ireland in the near future. Thanks to Robert for organising this tour.

Bristol Screening

Friday 12th March. University of the West of England, St. Matthias Campus, Bristol.
Room: The Box A122. Time 2pm. Part of a day long symposium on Venezuela: Myth and Reality, starting at (download file for more details).

London Screening

We have another screening of Listen To Venezuela at Cafe Crema (New Cross) on Thursday 25th Feb. See for details.

London Screening

Thursday November 12th, 7.30 pm, Cafe Creme, 306 New Cross Road.
£6, includes food or wine & cake. A full house and a great post screening discussion. Thanks Cafe Crema!

London Screening

Sunday October 11th, 2.30pm, Honour Oak Pub, Brockley.
Around 40 people watched the film.

London screening

October 29th, 7pm, Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T.
Nr tube: Warren Street. Nearly 80 people watched the film and drank free cocktails courtesy of the Venezuelan Embassy.

Sydenham Arts Festival

Around 100 people watch an extract from the film at the Sydenham Arts festival in July 2009.